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Introducing the newest Kinetic Application. The answer to online registration for Conferences and Events.

KxRegistration is our new web-based registration product, designed to streamline your operation while enriching your revenue stream. KxRegistration guides you through a simple registration process while seamlessly integrating the information you need with your Kx Database.

KxRegistration is an easy to use and powerful tool for managing the online registration and payment of delegates, ensuring maximum efficiency and increased revenue opportunity.  The registration for multiple events can be seamlessly managed regardless of their size or complexity.  Exhibitions, Conferences, Graduation, Internal Events and Open Days – all can be promoted with a customised registration site that can be easily tailored to suit your customers' needs.

By replacing many existing paper-based processes with online functionality, time previously spent on administration can be used to concentrate on your core business activities.  With online payment processing, you can also guarantee that revenue is collected more efficiently.

Key benefits

By using KxRegistration you will quickly realise the benefits of the functionality available to you. The opportunity to increase attendance for any event by delegates registering online and in conjunction promote any associated services and products, ensures you have the ideal tool for aiding business success. Read about the benefits in detail

The University of Kent benefit from KxRegistration

“We recognised some time ago that there was an opportunity for us to really grow the number of academic conferences on campus but we needed a more flxible and powerful on-line registration tool that would ideally interface with the core KxConferencing functionality. KxRegistration has been the tool that has enabled us to do this and deal with even the most complex events.”

Kevin Stuckey Residences and Conferences Manager Kent Hospitality

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Tip - Use the 'Contacts/Companies created since' report on a weekly basis to identify duplicate contacts and companies added. By doing this 5 minute exercise weekly you can help keep your database clean and tidy and ready to use in Mailshots.

You can find these reports in:
Marketing > Companies > Companies created since
Marketing > People > Contacts created since

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