Guest Blogger: Georgia Tech’s Mandy Volpe on Social Media, Part 1

Kinetic Software would like to welcome Mandy Volpe, Marketing Manager for Georgia Tech’s department of Housing and Conference services as a guest blogger today. Mandy is dropping by for a two-part series on social media, but before she gets started, a little background on her role at GA Tech.


Mandy S. Volpe
As the Marketing Manager for the Department of Housing at Georgia Tech, Mandy’s main focus is on the marketing efforts of Conference Services and the Department of Housing specifically related to social media sites. She also manages the lead process for new clients. Mandy frequently conducts seminars, presentations, and focus groups on social media trends and implementations for marketing. Mandy has been featured online as well as at the ACCED-I Annual Conference 2010 and 2012.

On to Mandy’s thoughts and tips!


The Importance of Social Media
Social media has become a part of the everyday routine for most people. Many users check Facebook as soon as they wake up and others check it before they ever look at their email. Social media is a way to stay connected in the personal world, however businesses are using this same medium to reach out to their target market. Over the past few years, social media usage for business has become a best practice, but the question is how do you transform the platform into a marketing medium for your company or product? Social media should be an extension of your brand through consistency in colors, logos, pictures, and the voice in which content is shared. Today I want to share with you a few of the best practices that are associated with a social media campaign and easy steps for you to take to move your company into the virtual world.


Define the Goal
First, define your goals for a strategic social media campaign. Why do you want to be on the social networks? Is it to connect with your clients? Is it so that you can update your content more frequently since you do not have a lot of control over your conference website? Is it to share new information or updates on your campus regarding venues or sustainability? Is it to ultimately drive traffic to your website? Define your goals for using this type of marketing in order to choose the right mix of sites to create a social presence.


In part II Mandy continues with brand promotion and evaluating the mediums, including new kid on the block Pininterest.

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