Guest Blogger: Mandy Volpe on Using Pinterest to Promote Events and Conferences

Georgia Tech’s Mandy Volpe joins us once again to blog on the benefits of social media. In her last post she touched briefly on newcomer Pinintest. In this week’s post, Mandy goes into much more detail on how to take advantage of Pinterest’s gaining popularity as a way to promote your events and conferences through the use of this visually driven media.


First a quick review of Mandy’s background.

Mandy S. Volpe
As the Marketing Manager for the Department of Housing at Georgia Tech, Mandy’s main focus is on the marketing efforts of Conference Services and the Department of Housing specifically related to social media sites. She also manages the lead process for new clients. Mandy frequently conducts seminars, presentations, and focus groups on social media trends and implementations for marketing. Mandy has been featured online as well as at the ACCED-I Annual Conference 2010 and 2012.

About Pinterest:

Pinterest is the new kid on the block. Pinterest is currently saturated with 80% female readership. It has also become a top ranking referral site on the internet, comparable to Google. Pinterest can be used for personal or business. The whole idea behind pinterest is that you can store images or articles to reference for the future. It is a virtual inspiration board to pin ideas and products for easy reference.

Business are using Pinterest to showcase products. They are “pinning” merchandise like clothing, home goods, and recipes for people to use for inspiration. The way to use Pinterest for your university is to pin content that will lead the viewer back to your website. An idea could be to have pictures or recipes pinned from your on-campus caterers. Your clients are trying to plan unique events so assist them in creating outstanding menus by offering on-line visuals of the types of food they could offer.

Event spaces are using Pinterest to showcase venues or interesting details on their campus. Do you have a unique dining hall that you want potential clients to know about? Pin it. Do you have a beautiful outdoor courtyard that is perfect for a Friday night celebration? Pin it.

Many women use Pinterest as a way to plan their weddings. If your venue specializes in spaces for weddings, then pin some photos of your space and begin to watch the brides flock to your site. Also, find photos from professionals who photographed pictures during weddings on your campus. Brides love real-life visuals of what their weddings or events could look like at your venue.

Pinterest can be a great place to show pictures of your residence halls, types of catering or set-up for your venue.

Ultimately, be aware of Pinterest, especially if you are using Google Analytics to monitor your website. You will want to keep an eye on referral traffic from this site in order to monitor the types of pictures that people are posting to reference your campus.

The opportunities with Pinterest are just beginning to develop so stay on top of this trend! The key thing to realize behind this very popular referral site is that people are visually driven. Make sure you are creating a web presence that incorporates lots of pictures of your venues, campuses, and residence halls. You could choose to operate a Pinterest board, or not, but know that there are potential meeting planners out there, right now, who could be “pinning” your pictures in order to bookmark for the future.

Visit Pinterest:

Thank you for joining us as a guest blogger this week, Mandy. Very interesting insight on how to use Pinterest to promote events and conferences!


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